Literature circles

Here is my best lit circles piece.image

Lit circles is where you get a book and read a certain amount of pages. I got The Elephant Road. Every Monday and Thursday you meet up with your group and present a summary. You also get a job to do which you have to present to like word wizard. After this your discussion director that week marks you on stuff like neatness.



To be a good leader you must always be honest no matter what. Another aspect of a good leader is to always listen to other people’s point of view also if possible take their idea into account.

Leaders always should have colleagues to work with so another thing that makes a good leader is teamwork. This is what I think makes a good leader.

Greensborough college choir

On the 15/10/15 the Greensborough College choir came to my school they played songs for the whole first session of school. My favourite instrument was probably the Saxophone.

They played lots of songs my favourite was called uptown funk. That song was manly vocal. I don’t know how to play any instruments but if I had to choose I would play a recorder.

What instrument do you play or what instrumet would you want to play? Go to the bottom and vote for a poll.

Rocket launch


On the 9/10/15 the grade 5’s of Apollo had a competition for launching rockets to start our science unit.

During the launch our rocket didn’t go very far but it did go the highest  so that was pretty good. The person who came first in my class was actually one of my friends. I had a look at his rocket. I realised it had a really good streamline.

Next time I try this I will have to improve the aero dynamics. This means The stream line will have to be sharper so the flight of the rocket is smoother.


Italian week

We have just had Italian week at school and my buddy’s favourite activity was  watching a Italian show made by actors who came to our school and made a very funny show for the whole school to enjoy. My favourite part of Italian week was when we got to eat pizza and gelato and if you don’t know already these are both Italian foods.

so what do you think of our week?